About Us

We started Typical Sindhi Move because we find a lot of our experiences stereotypically revolve around the idea of being Sindhi. Whether it's our broken English accent, our love for sweet food, or bonding over motel and convenience store moments, being Sindhi is what makes our people unique. We hope you also take pride is being Sindhi and will share your own stories, jokes, and experiences.

This site provides us with the opportunity to connect back with our culture and roots in the motherland, but also embracing a new culture and home here in the United States. So come, visit Typical Sindhi Move, and you'll be sure to find humor and great stories.

The point of this website is to provide entertainment and humor, so please be courteous and do not post vulgar or offensive material. But otherwise, feel free to share your full story! To submit your own story, simply click here.

We're constantly updating the site and improving it to better serve our readers. If you have any ideas for new categories, new elements we can add, or any general feedback, feel free to contact us. To do that, please click here.