When the Jonnie walks, the Sindhi talks. T$M

Walking into any part of the plane, and turning it into "business" class. T$M

When "early bird" registration is considered a week before the event. T$M

You know you belong to a Sindhi family when your family size automatically qualifies for the group rate at the Sindhi Sammelan. T$M

Selling connections for your personal hotspot to fellow passengers on a flight for half the price of the on-board wifi. T$M

On your journey to India, with a layover in Paris. Making use of your boring 4 hour layover in Paris by turning the terminal into a "freeport" with the goodies in your luggage. T$M

That bag of almonds that has been re-gifted for the 11th time. T$M

Your first lesson in math is converting Hong Kong Dollars to Singapore Dollars. T$M

When your MBA professor uses your test answers as the exam key to save on buying a solutions manual. T$M

Asking for duplicates to your Costco card so you can resell them to other Indians. T$M

When 9pm on an invitation card means that you should start getting ready at 9pm. T$M

When your son comes back home with a larger lunchbox than what you sent him to school with because he was a "smart trader" at the lunch table. T$M